About Consciam

Who is Consciam?

Consciam is a collective of experienced sustainability consultants turning businesses into conscious, impact-driven forces for good. Rather than just helping you reduce your negative impact, we’re motivated by helping your business achieve a Net Positive impact on the planet.

Doing business differently

Consciam was born of a desire to do more. We didn’t want to just do less harm – we wanted to actively turn the current climate, environmental and social crises around. And to do that, we knew we needed to not only change the way we do business, but help others do the same.

So, we built Consciam with a unique set of values that put people and planet first. As a result, we’re able to achieve impressive results by both challenging our clients and supporting them to always do the right thing. And as a certified B Corp, our conscious business model enables us to provide bespoke, holistic support that adapts to the needs of our both our clients and the planet.

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How we’re committed to our values


Our absolute driving force is making sure our work leaves your business, society, and the planet in a better place than before we started working together.


It’s in our name, after all! We’re conscious of our impact on the planet and how the changing environment impacts our business. And we help you get there too.


We’re 100% real in the way we show up and work with you – you won’t find any greenwashing here. (But you might catch us wearing flip flops in Zoom meetings.)


Businesses are made up of people. And we like to get to know your people properly, because we believe business is better when done at a human level.


Wherever possible, we like to take our meetings outside, swapping the boardroom for fresh air. Finding purpose is easier when immersed in nature.


Flexing with change is a key part of sustainability. That’s why as you change, we adapt to suit your needs. So you’re in safe hands no matter what happens.

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Why being a
B Corp matters

Being a B Corp holds us accountable. It makes sure our unique way of working to benefit people, planet and purpose is built into the very structure of Consciam. So you can be sure that we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk.

Listening to diverse voices

Diversity matters. And we cannot truly solve the issues facing our planet unless everyone has a seat at the table. Which is why we’ve created a diverse Advisory Board, so our advice represents not just the needs of your business and the planet, but marginalised voices too.

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Giving back as a business

Part of our commitment as a B Corp is to share the value we create. Which is why we aim to donate 5% of our annual turnover in pro bono work and charitable donations, with at least 1% going to environmental charities as members of 1% for the Planet.

Our Team

Phil Clark Consciam Director.

Phil Clarke


With a childhood love of nature and an Environmental Studies degree under his belt (decades before it was cool), Phil spent 30 years in consultancy delivering successful projects, developing environmental strategies to improve performance and achieving ambitious Net Positive targets. As a result, he saved big brands 1000s of tonnes of carbon, both in their business and throughout their supply chain.

But after years playing the corporate game and feeling burnout and restricted, he was keen to take a more human approach and bring these results to organisations who didn’t have in-house sustainability teams. He started Consciam in 2015 to do just that, and has since helped many companies to understand their impacts and drive positive change. And now you can reap the rewards of expert strategic support on a human level, while building a sustainable future for your business and the planet.

Rick Benfield Consciam Senior Consultant.

Rick Benfield

Senior Consultant

Rick likes to join the dots. Whether that’s by bringing people together to change systems, or understanding the commercial case for improved carbon and social policies. In fact, it was while providing expert strategy consultancy across both the corporate and third sectors that he was able to see which unconscious business practices were exacerbating the climate and social problems we face today.

So he set out to put businesses on the right path. And now provides holistic strategy advice that not only joins the dots between your sustainability and business strategies, but your business and its impact on the wider world. So you can enjoy improved outcomes across people, planet, and profit as a result.

Sophie Brooks Consciam Senior Consultant.

Sophie Brooks

Senior Consultant

Clarity is key for Sophie. And as an expert strategist, she helps you achieve this by plotting a clear path through sustainability’s broad range of topics, focusing on the changes that will make the biggest difference, and helping you achieve tangible and exciting results without the overwhelm.

This is because she knows that with a clear strategy, businesses can drive powerful social and environmental change. And she’s been helping large corporate clients achieve exactly this for 18 years, including time as Microsoft UK’s in-house Sustainability Strategist. What’s more, as a Certified B Corp consultant, she’ll make sure this strategy is built into your business for the long term, helping you define, demonstrate and articulate your purpose beyond profit. So you can drive positive change for years to come.

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Senior Consultant

Roser Preuss Consciam Impact Consultant.

Roser Preuss

Impact Consultant

Roser uses data to solve problems – a skill she honed while working in big data technologies and improving retail supply chains. But it was the once-in-a-lifetime experience of sailing around the world which opened her eyes to the problems our planet faces, and how she could use her skills to change the world for good.

A year living and breathing B Corp values while on the On Purpose Associate Programme allowed Roser to see how impactful business can be done. And now she helps our clients to do the same. Working closely with you to help you make sense of your data, she’ll identify areas for improvement. But most importantly, she’ll also use this data to streamline your processes, so you can magnify your positive impact without increasing your input.
Hannah Worthington, Consciam Impact Consultant.

Hannah Worthington

Impact Consultant

Awareness is the first step to change. And thanks to Hannah’s comprehensive support when it comes to data collection and analysis, you’ll get the clearest possible picture of your current carbon footprint – even when your data is tricky to find or understand.

And not only that. With a degree in sustainable mining and materials, and a parallel career in sustainable packaging strategy for global brands, Hannah’s knowledge of whole life cycle impacts provides another angle to analyse your carbon data. And she’ll guide you through the strategic business case for change, so you know our suggestions make sense not just for the planet, but your business too.

Recognition, partnerships and awards

Don’t just take our word for it. Our work has been recognised and certified by the following organisations.