Enabling a sustainable future Consciam enables organisations to transform to reduce their environmental and social impacts, reduce reputational & commercial risks, reduce costs and engage stakeholders whilst actively contributing to the broader environmental and social agenda. We bring clarity to complex issues, helping clients focus on the most material impact and solutions. Our clients include NGOs, consultancies, local authorities and industry associations. Contact us

Why work with us?

Organisations of all sizes are increasingly being required to demonstrate responsible environmental and social stewardship:

Businesses & NGOs​

Understanding and reducing your environmental & social impacts is no longer a “nice to have”.

Consciam helps organisations of all sizes to understand and focus on the key material issues. This ensures maximum impact and return on investment.

Consciam provides a range of services from developing environmental policy, measuring impacts, developing impact reduction strategies and bespoke research.


Your customers, whether they are other businesses or the public, need and want to be able to buy with confidence.

This means you must understand and effectively communicate the environmental and social impacts of your products or services. It also creates an opportunity for differentiation.

Consciam helps organisations develop awareness and understanding through impactful communications.


Regulators require organisations to be aware of environmental legislation and ensure compliance. Fines for non-compliance can be very significant.

Consciam helps clients to understand their responsibilities and implement effective measures to ensure and demonstrate compliance.

Recording available for NET IMPACT APPROACHES webinar (20th May 2020).

Following the postponement of the Net Impact Approaches 2020 conference, we instead ran a very well attended and received webinar titled ‘Net Impact Approaches: Latest developments, transforming the economy, and implications of COVID-19’.

Speakers included the Capitals Coalition, Forum for the Future, Impact Management Project, International Integrated Reporting Council and Value Balancing Alliance.

Click here for more the recording and more information


Our clients include

Our clients include NGOs, consultancies, local authorities, industry associations and healthcare organisations.