Our work

What we do

Consciam exists to make a difference, whether that is helping a business take it first steps or developing innovative new sustainability approaches.

We help business and organisations of all sizes to better understand, manage and report on their environmental and social impacts. We develop and implement innovative strategies for impact reduction and engagement.

We enable organisations to align better with the needs of their clients and employees, increasing competitiveness, reducing risk and aiding employee retention and engagement. This approach reduces direct and indirect costs.

Using our materiality based approach, Consciam ensures that priority is given to the most significant issues, enabling cost effective measurement, reporting, and impact reduction.

EarthWatch Sustainable Development Goals Report

Consciam was delighted to be asked to produce this report for the Earthwatch Institute. The report provides a simple introduction to the SDGs and demonstrates how business and employee engagement in science can help deliver the SDGs.

Consciam’s services include:

  • Measurement and assessment of environmental impact & carbon footprint, including natural capital impact assessment
  • Development and implementation of sustainability strategy, including Net Positive approaches
  • Sustainable Development Goal framework assessment
  • Sustainability reporting and integrated reporting
  • Reducing environmental impact and cost
  • Compliance assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Project and programme management