About us

Who we are

con.sci.am (verb, Latin)

I will be conscious

Our name is derived from Latin, meaning “I will be conscious”. We want organisations to be more conscious of the impacts they have and their role in living more lightly and promoting a more sustainable future.

We work with carefully selected partners and associates to ensure we can deliver the most effective and impactful solutions for our clients.

Our founder

Consciam’s founder, Phil Clarke, has more than twenty years experience of delivering complex projects and change management programmes for global clients across a range of industries. After graduating with an honours degree in Environmental Studies, Phil embarked on a career in industry, working for specialist consulting and research companies in the water industry and IT sectors. As Head of Environmental Sustainability for Capgemini UK, Phil was responsible for setting environmental strategy including Net Positive ambition, delivering performance improvement and ensuring environmental compliance.

Giving something back

Consciam is committed to sharing our expertise and energy. We undertake voluntary and pro bono work for a number of charities and not for profit organisations. We donate a proportion of of our profits to charity each year.

Phil is a trained Earthwatch Institute volunteer “Citizen Scientist”, undertaking water quality testing and contributing to a global data set for scientific research.

Our impacts

We aim to minimise the direct and indirect impacts of our operations through a combination of supply chain and decision making processes. Our Impact Report will be published in 2017.


In September 2015 Consciam was recognised by edie.net as a finalist in the Sustainability Leaders Awards 2015 (Sustainability Professional of the Year).

Memberships and Partnerships

Corporate and personal memberships and partnerships include: